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First blog post


Wedding Saree Tales from Tambhram :

Yee, it’s true sounds good to share my experience had during my wedding saree selection.

Selecting and purchasing wedding saris itself a wonderful experience. Our family vote goes only to pure traditional hand woven Kanchipuram silk sarees as it lasts for years together.  The plan was to buy  4 silk Sarees for four main wedding ceremonies.


Nichayathartham Saree

First one is my Nichayathartham ( Betrothal), we decided to pick a very grandeur look with traditional motifs such as  Koopuram ( Temple Tower Motif), Kodi Varisai (Floral and creeper design )  and Kattams (  Checks). The Colour of Nichayathrartham Saree has to be Green. Wonder why? Green signifies growth, harmony, and prosperity something we all want to be filled with in our married life. So that was my choice a perfect Green Coloured Kanchipuram Silk Saree with Koopuram Motif with all the glitters of Zari and complementing Chariot Design in the Pallu.


There I was all dressed up for wedding procession in a car sitting feverously next to the groom. Pointing at my chariot pallu design, my brother said: “May be we should have arranged a Chariot for the procession that would have been nice”. My bro timely comment eased the air a  bit and we were laughing aloud at the idea of Chariot Procession.  My Green Kanchipuram Saree was the talk of the day and I loved all the attention I was getting.

Oonjal Saree

Next is a sequence of fun events called Kashi yatra , Malai matral and Oonjal.  At the dawn of wedding day my hubby- tobe sets off on a mock pilgrimage to Kashi, panic stricken bride’s father (my dad) intervenes and advocates on the superiority of married life over ascetic and assures to offer me as his bride. My hubby to be returned after lot of cajoling from both sides of the family and garlands me thrice and makes his beloved. After that, we oonjal ( Swing ) together, signify that we be there for each other in the life’s ups & downs.I sported a traditional Radiant Mango yellow and green border Kanchipuram Silk Saree for these occasions.

Muhurtham  Saree

Next is a Muhurtham meaning wedding. We picked up our Muhurtham saree in auspicious time, and it has to be a 9 yards saree to suit Madisar Draping. Madisar drape is quite popular amongst Brahmin community consider it as a dhoti pant equivalent for Silk Saree. We sport Madisar for important life events such as Weddings, Baby Showers, and Poojas. I wanted to pick an looking for a radiant yellow saree that’s when my dad shared the significance of sporting an Arraku ( Maroon Red ) Coloured Silk Saree for Muhurtham. As the bride enters a new phase of life at her in-law’s house, Arrakku Silk Saree ( Maroon Red ) is sport to mark a new beginning of life.

To our surprise, my dad started feverishly rubbing the Kanchipuram pure silk saree with his palms. While we were all puzzled, he kept rubbing and smiling at us. And then he proclaimed, “ Let’s buy it !!, it’s an original Kanchipuram silk saree. Apparently, when you rub a silk saree with your hands,  If you feel the warmth on your palms then it’s an original silk saree.

Grahapravesam Saree :

My in-law asked me to select one saree for gruhapravesam as per my wish. It is the first visit to the marital home.  But they are very particular about VAIRAOOSI sari. It is one of highly valued saree in any marriage. My grandma recalls about wearing of this type of saree on her marriage occasion. The significance of this saree is the hand woven zari, tied vertically along with the horizontal silk thread constructs more shining look. My saree looks like a double shade with mix of pink, the color of a rosebud. The border and pallu are in contrast of orange color self-designed running border.  Also, the weaver creates lot of artistic motifs like mango, butta in the body of the saree.

The whole experience of endless shopping, influx of near & dear relatives, non-stop late night conversations, delicious south Indian foods,  captivates unforgettable moments in my life. Through my blog I have shared my wedding tales;  What’s your Wedding Tales, Write to us about it


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