Welcome to EthnicIndian Retail LLP


Starting a company has always been a  preferred dinner conversation with friends. For years we used to discuss on ideas & typically after a week or two, the idea gets dropped for an another. But this one had the power to germinate, Our idea to promote ethnic Indian wear sounded interesting, and we started our journey to discover more.

Weaving is the second largest occupation of rural India; the largest being agriculture. More than 10 Million people are employed in this traditional industry. We traveled many miles and spoke to people practicing this trade across the length & breadth of this country. At the end of it all,  “ ETHNICINDIAN “  was born.  Our products are meticulously curated for Fabric, Workmanship, Colour, and Quality from leading craftsmen of our country.

Every Indian attire is unique & captures the culture of the land & its people. It’s our endeavor to bring them all to you.